Join us to redefine your career — and mobile marketing.

Kayzen is the future of mobile marketing — building software that allows mobile app developers to connect with their users. And now is the most exciting time to join us!

Kayzen is a B2B SaaS platform that allows companies to run mobile programmatic marketing in-house.

Programmatic marketing, put simply, is the process of automating the buying and selling of digital ads in real time. Programmatic in-housing takes this one step further by allowing advertisers to fully own the technology stack and skills required in this process.

While programmatic in-house has already reached broader adoption in desktop advertising, it is still in its early days when it comes to the mobile advertising market. This is where we have impact!

At Kayzen, we have the skills and technology to tap into this massive opportunity. We bring transparency, technology and a cutting edge product to a market that is ripe for a change — and would like you to be part of our journey.


Data Analytics

We have a super-strong learning culture here. At Kayzen people share their knowledge pro-actively and engage in several discussions just for the sake of knowledge sharing.


Customer Success

I was following Kayzen before joining the company and the team is so professional. I like the challenge here.


Data Science

Having been part of AdTech for the last few years, I always think the industry needs more transparency. Kayzen is on it.


Product Analyst

Kayzen‘s mission seemed intriguing and challenging. Working on a product that allows full transparency and control excites me.


People Operations

Kayzen's collaborative culture within a group of high-performers is truly impressive. Everyone’s unique sense of humour is the icing on the top.


CPO & Co-Founder

Working with customers who are truly forward looking and innovators in their field and getting to build a product for such savvy customers with an amazing team is a combination that every founder dreams of.

Michal Lasman - Growth Lead - Kayzen


Growth & Marketing

Crafting marketing and branding is every marketer's dream. Working on it alongside a team of clever and ambitious colleagues is the cherry on top.


Founder & CEO

I enjoy being an entrepreneur. Working and growing along with a group of outstanding professionals in Kayzen is truly fulfilling.

We are Kayzen. We live Kaizen.

Kayzen is derived from Kaizen (改善), a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement across hierarchies and functions in an organization. We see this concept as an underlying principle on how we work as a team, with our clients, develop our product and build our culture. Continuous learning and improvement is what we live. The idea of becoming better every day drives us to deliver outstanding results. We don’t rest until we have solved problems where others failed and gave up. Some call this challenging, we call it rewarding :)!

We are scaling and on the search for smart, curious and ambitious individuals willing to take on a big challenge. Your opportunity to redefine mobile marketing and your career is just a few clicks away. We’d love to hear from you.


Boost your career with Kayzen


Launched in January 2019, Kayzen is led by serial entrepreneurs and ad tech industry veterans.

We believe great teams emerge when everyone knows where they are heading and are fully committed to getting there.

We believe the best perk you can hope for is a group of high-performing, talented and supportive colleagues.

You will not just work in a startup.

You will experience the impact of your work while building a cutting edge product.

If you have the right skills and talent, your location is a non-issue.

Even though most of our positions are based in Berlin and Bangalore, you can always choose to work at home or in other flexible setups.

For some roles, we are even open to an international remote setup.

Aside from our offices in Berlin and Bangalore, your future colleagues are currently located across Ukraine, Israel and Argentina.

Values and Principles


Choose to be positive.

Embrace constructive feedback.

Find solutions, not excuses.

Create impact.

Celebrate wins.


Challenge your assumptions.

Learning never stops.

Ask “Why”.

Stay up-to-date.

Think ahead.


Spread knowledge.

Honor other’s time.

Be clear and concise.

Set goals together.

Take pride in other’s success.

Create win-win outcomes.


Get things done.

Go the extra mile.

Assume responsibility.

Don’t overcommit.

Lead by example.

Be our ambassador.

How we can support you

Flexible working
hours and locations
Learning and
parental/family leave

Work with the best tools and technologies at scale

We work on a tech stack engineered for scale with technologies we love.


Technical Project Manager (m/f/d)

Permanent contract


3 days ago

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Machine Learning Operations Engineer (m/f/d)

Permanent contract

Berlin, Bangalore, Remote

3 days ago

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Product Owner (Interactive Ads)

Permanent contract

Berlin, Remote in EU

2 weeks ago

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Business Development Manager/Lead - Retargeting (m/f/d)

Permanent contract

Berlin, Remote

2 weeks ago

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QA Automation Engineer (m/f/d)

Permanent contract

Bangalore, India

2 weeks ago

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Senior Data Scientist (m/f/d)

Permanent contract

Berlin, Germany

2 weeks ago

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Senior Software Engineer (m/f/d)

Permanent contract

Bangalore / Berlin / Remote in EU

2 weeks ago

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Machine Learning Engineer (m/f/d)

Permanent contract

Berlin, Bangalore, Remote

2 weeks ago

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Programmatic Success Specialist - Retargeting (m/f/d)

Permanent contract

Berlin / Bangalore / Remote

2 weeks ago

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Marketing Lead (m/f/d)

Permanent contract

Berlin / Remote

2 weeks ago

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Business Development Representative/Intern (m/f/d)

6-month Internship / Permanent contract

Berlin, London

2 weeks ago

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Growth and Revenue Lead (m/f/d)

Permanent contract

Berlin, Remote

3 weeks ago

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Product Analyst (m/f/d)

Permanent contract

Bangalore, India

1 month ago

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